Our Approach

Small Business Consultants Roadmap
You’re Lost Without a Roadmap

Our comprehensive strategic planning process typically takes at least three months.

Many business strategy consultants engage in a series of one or two day workshops with senior management teams. They put on a great show, and everybody feels happy and energized when it’s all done.  But after the excitement wears off, nothing really changes. All the great ideas go nowhere because there wasn’t any real buy-in and there is no follow-through.

Other strategy consulting firms bring in a team of subject matter experts, who conduct endless interviews, spend months contemplating their navels, and then write up a beautiful 200 page strategic plan document which promptly ends up on a shelf gathering dust.  Once again, nothing really changes. Several years later, the company hires another firm and repeats the cycle.

We Take a Different Approach

Workshops are useful, but unless they are backed up with solid research and in-depth interviews, they don’t go far enough.

Interviews, research and analysis are absolutely necessary, but if the end result is a massive document with endless recommendations, unclear priorities and no follow-through, nothing changes.

After years of experimentation, we finally hit on a better way: a heavy emphasis on research, one-on-one interviews and analysis, workshops (as needed), and clear, concise documentation with a limited number of high priority recommendations, all combined with ongoing support and monitoring.

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