As I made the decision to start my own packaged food business, I knew that I needed someone in my corner who could guide me. I had little knowledge about business in general and even less about developing my own product and bringing it to market. I’m thankful that I decided to look for a business planner/strategist and found Andrew Clarke with Ground Floor Partners. Andrew is very knowledgeable about the various aspects of starting and running a business. From financial projections to branding and sourcing, he has provided more information, guidance, and support than I ever expected. I have learned a ton from him and appreciate his patience as I had lots of questions! I’m still in the start-up phase but I now have a plan and feel confident as I move forward with bringing my vision to life. I highly recommend Andrew and Ground Floor Partners.

Yvonne G.
The Clean Food Project

Project ALEX seeks to provide a living and working environment for  semi-independent disabled adults; helping to promote independence while still  keeping families close to foster social interactions.  On behalf of the board of directors of the Syladium Fund, I contacted Ground Floor Partners to explore the possibility of creating a feasibility study.  I worked with Andrew Clarke from day one and we spent considerable time in preparation prior to signing the agreement to assure that all stakeholders were on the same page.  As a small non-profit, we were dependent upon donations for funding and Andrew agreed to a payment schedule that aligned with our fundraising efforts.

Andrew and his team met the agreed upon milestones which included formal presentations to the Project Alex steering committee.  The final work product is comprehensive and presented a clear eyed assessment of the reality of the challenges ahead, including top level financials.  Within a month of receipt of the study, we were able to gather enough support from the disabled community to spin off an independent non-profit, Project ALEX Communities, Inc. to exploit the findings of the study.

It was a pleasure to work with the Ground Floor Partners team and the board, along with the Project ALEX committee, appreciated their commitment to delivering an honest assessment.

Don J. Germano
Syladium Fund, Inc.

Arizona Technology Enterprises (AzTE) hired Ground Floor Partners to support our commercialization team as we evaluated a promising technology developed by a scientist within the laboratories of Arizona State University. Because of the substantial number of potential market applications for the technology, we realized our office could use outside assistance to help understand and decipher which markets offered the greatest possibility for success.

We asked Ground Floor Partners to construct an overall list of potential commercial applications for the technology and narrow them down to a handful of “best opportunity” markets. The consultants were then tasked with constructing market size estimates for the five strongest application areas. Additionally, the consultants offered competitive intelligence on those technologies and companies already operating within the defined market segments. With this information, AzTE had a much better understanding of where our technology stood in the various markets.

Thanks to Ground Floor Partners’ research work, AzTE have been able to rapidly move forward with the commercialization process. The firm presented us with evidence that allowed us to select the optimal strategic platform with regard to maximizing the revenue potential of the University’s technology.

I look forward to working with the principals at Ground Floor Partners again and would recommend their work to other technology transfer offices throughout the country.

Thomas C. Goodman, PhD, MBA
Director of Business Development, AzTE
Phoenix, AZ

Ground Floor Partners helped us refine our business strategy, and also prepare a formal business plan for debt financing.  The Ground Floor Partners team was very professional and friendly, and they had a good understanding of our industry. Our company is much more structured and growing faster now. Ground Floor Partners has been a major factor in our success. We would definitely hire them again.

Carline Ferailleur, President
CF Professional Translations, LLC
Atlanta, GA

We originally contacted Ground Floor Partners because we needed help managing our growth. We were growing quickly and landing lots of business, but we felt our risks were growing as fast as the revenues. We were not sure anyone could really help us, but Ground Floor Partners seemed like a good fit because they listened to our concerns rather than just jumping in with one-size-fits-all solutions. After some discussion we hired Ground Floor Partners to do an operations audit, followed by a series of intense meetings, twice a month for about 6 months, to help us get things under better control. The audit uncovered all of the problems we thought we had, plus a few more. In the end, we needed help with almost every area of our business — hiring and firing, our management team, compensation and retention issues, operations (bookkeeping, construction estimates, job tracking, procedure manuals, etc.). Ground Floor Partners also helped us with marketing and sales. We now spend more of our efforts on profitable jobs and less time on unprofitable ones. We feel confident we are in a better place than we were before. We would definitely recommend Ground Floor Partners.

Mary and John Pienta
Pienta Construction

I first hired Ground Floor Partners several years ago to help me reorganize my business. Although my revenues were not bad, I was frequently short of cash, and the business was more struggle than fun. The first major change was to sell my phone answering service, which had become more trouble than it was worth. I used the proceeds to pay off some debt and build up my cash balance. Since then Ground Floor Partners has helped me restructure the business in other ways. They analyzed my portfolio of services and how they fit the profiles of our best clients, and suggested ways to improve our marketing. As our marketing became more effective, they showed me new ways to cut my expenses. The end result is that our cash flow has improved dramatically. We have better clients now and are getting significant referral business. I can actually leave the business in the capable hands of my staff and take several vacations a year. Without Ground Floor Partners I never would have been able to get to this point.

Marilyn Hallett
Michigan Avenue Office Services

We had a pretty clear idea of what we wanted, but we needed help organizing our thoughts and preparing a solid business plan to finance and launch our Physical Therapy clinic. Ground Floor Partners was extremely helpful and encouraging throughout the process. We obtained the financing we needed very quickly. Thank you Ground Floor Partners!

Jennifer Ortiz
Her Health Physical Therapy