What Goes Into a Restaurant Feasibility Study

While restaurants may not have the highest failure rate of any industry, they are certainly up there. Depending on timing — before, during or after a major economic downturn — and a number of other variables, experts peg restaurant failure rates at somewhere between 17% and 90% within the first year. Inexperienced owners with limited […]

Business Assessments – A Critical Component in Your Company’s Success

When your company began operations, you or the founders had a vision. You pictured what your company could become, and the impact it could have. Hopefully, you then developed a business plan mapping out how the company would accomplish this. If you were not the owner or one of the founders, you likely adopted the original vision and […]

Interview with Valerie Drame’ at Drame’ Designs

Melissa Leger interviewed Valerie Drame’ in May 2018. She met Valerie Drame’ at an evolveHer and Women’s Creative Co. summit, and noticed her great bag. Melissa made a comment about the bag and then learned that Valerie’s accessory was her business. It seems in the era of social media and the gig economy, there are fewer […]

Why Restaurants Fail

Walk around your city and you’ll probably see at least a few “for lease” signs in empty restaurant windows. According to a recent study by two economists using United States Bureau of Labor Statistics data, only 17% of restaurants fail within their first year – far less than the 90% restaurant failure rate claimed by some […]

Could Your Business Benefit from a Strategic Alliance?

Do you want to take your business to the next level? Is limited capital or other resources holding your company back? A strategic alliance may be the solution. A strategic alliance is an arrangement between two or more businesses where they agree to work together to achieve certain objectives. Normally each business continues to be separate […]

B Corporations – Business as a Force for Good

When your company began, you had a dream – a dream of how your company could make a difference in the world – to make people’s lives easier or better, safer, cleaner, or just less stressful. But getting the word out is a huge challenge. There are two reasons for this: The first is skepticism. […]

How to Minimize Business Growing Pains

As a small to medium-sized business, you may be in a challenging position: do you keep your business where it is, or increase its size and take it to the next level? If you decide to stay where you are right now, are you opening the door to lose business? Will your competitors lure customers […]

Green Diaper Babies — Helping Babies and the Environment One Diaper at a Time

At Ground Floor Partners, we have a passion for helping small businesses that benefit their local communities and the planet. We interviewed local business owner Shannon Griffith, owner of Green Diaper Babies about the growth of her businesses and how sustainability not only helps the earth but also the neighborhoods it serves.  Hi Shannon, tell […]

Getting the Right People in the Right Positions

As a small business owner, you probably have ambitious goals. Your product or service is great and you know how much it can help your customers. The only problem is that your company is not growing as quickly as you’d like it to. Some years you’ve come close to meeting your goals; other years you’ve […]

How to Build Trust in Your Company

Trust in Corporations is at an All-Time Low Every day, there seems to be another announcement about a well-known company deceiving their customers and the public: Volkswagen installed software into its diesel engines to detect when the engines were being tested by governmental agencies. That was done so the engines could pass emissions tests, but […]