Your Best People Are Your Greatest Asset

The people working for you play a critical role in the success of your business. To insure they help you realize this success, you should focus on two objectives: Make sure you hire the right employee for each and every position. Make sure everybody loves what they do so much that they never think about […]

Green Diaper Babies — Helping Babies and the Environment One Diaper at a Time

At Ground Floor Partners, we have a passion for helping small businesses that benefit their local communities and the planet. We interviewed local business owner Shannon Griffith, owner of Green Diaper Babies about the growth of her businesses and how sustainability not only helps the earth but also the neighborhoods it serves.  Hi Shannon, tell […]

Getting the Right People in the Right Positions

As a small business owner, you probably have ambitious goals. Your product or service is great and you know how much it can help your customers. The only challenge is —  your company is not growing as quickly as you’d like. Some years you’ve come close to meeting your goals. Other years you’ve missed the […]

How to Build Trust in Your Company

Trust in Corporations is at an All-Time Low Every day there seems to be another announcement about a well-known company deceiving their customers and the public. Volkswagen installed software into its diesel engines to detect when the engines were being tested by governmental agencies. That was done so the engines could pass emissions tests. During […]

DNAinfo — A Small Company with a Big Impact

By now, most people know DNAinfo has been shuttered. DNAinfo was inspiring, uplifting, smart and current. In just 9 years, the company grew from nothing to over nine million monthly readers and a total of 118 employees in New York and Chicago. The CEO, Joe Ricketts, billionaire founder of TD Ameritrade (whose family owns the […]

Patagonia – A Better Way

Anyone interested in business can learn from the clothing manufacturer, Patagonia. Patagonia has been a family business owned by husband (Yvon) and wife (Malinda) Chouinard since its inception. Not Your Typical Business Executives Yvon never wanted to be a businessman. Born in Maine and growing up in California, his passion was rock climbing, He started […]

Lessons from Webvan

Whether just starting a small business or looking to expand your existing business, you want to make sure you take the right steps to succeed. One way is to look at how other successful companies did it. But you can often learn just as much looking at business failures. Webvan is generally considered one of […]

Small Businesses and The Gig Economy

You may not be familiar with the name but you have probably used the services available through it.  It is growing quickly and poses a threat to small businesses in the United States. What is it? The Gig Economy In the gig economy people have no job security, no benefits, and no stability. They are […]

Factors Affecting Feasibility Study Pricing

Large consulting firms prefer to work with Fortune 1000 companies with tens of thousands of employees, multi-billion dollar revenues, and multi-million dollar consulting budgets. Their clients — large multi-national corporations and governmental organizations — are used to hiring consulting firms, and generally have a pretty good idea of what to expect from consultants. They are […]

Small Business — The Key to Reviving Local Economies

The level of discontent in America is high today. Most people feel the country is not moving in the right direction, and they blame politicians for the mess. Their anger is justified, but politicians are not the only problem. Big businesses and banks play a major role too. More directly, a steep drop in the […]