Distracted by a bright shiny object, this man needs a strategic business plan

Con artists long ago mastered the art of distracting their “marks” with bright shiny objects. Once they get the victim’s attention, they exploit his or her weaknesses to get what they want —- a suitcase, a wallet, a watch, or a purse. Con artists distract intentionally and purposefully, and they are extremely good at it.

Unfortunately many entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t need a con artist to lose their wallet; they con themselves. They conjure up bright shiny objects in their own heads, and then chase them.

Bright Shiny Object Syndrome, or BSOS, as it is called in the small business medical literature, is an extremely dangerous and massively under-reported disease.

There is no known vaccine, and no known cure, but Ground Floor Partners — a small, innovative consulting firm in the Midwest  — is working on an experimental treatment program.

Patients who suffer from BSOS start out innocently enough. They have a simple business idea that will make them lots of money extremely quickly. They start to work on it; invest time, money and resources; and eventually they start to make progress.

But once a patient hits a snag, usually within a year or two after the initial idea, he (for some reason it’s almost always a he) has another idea which seems even better. With no hesitation and absolutely no rational thought, he abandons the first idea and shifts his remaining time, money and resources to work on the second idea.

Before this new idea goes anywhere, and long before it has any chance of becoming profitable, he has a third idea and the process starts all over again. It keeps going until the patient becomes financially insolvent or goes insane (although sometimes both ends come at the same time).

The research team at Ground Floor Partners has been working day and night for decades to find a cure. After hundreds of sleepless nights and thousands of unpaid hours of grueling experimentation, we finally discovered a treatment that seems to work. We call it a strategic business plan. While simple in theory,  realistic and effective business planning is extremely challenging to execute. Only a select group of people have mastered the process in its entirety.

If you are afflicted with BSOS, or if you know someone who appears to have the disease, please call us now to discuss possible treatment in complete confidence.