Helped Medical Association Save Millions

A national medical association contacted Ground Floor Partners seeking help with developing a business plan to set up their own in-house testing facility for members. Each year the association brought in several hundred physicians for several days of oral examinations. The association had been leasing space from a hotel for several years, and while the […]

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Hire a Consultant

  You may be thinking of hiring a consultant for your small business. That’s wonderful. But before you go any further, we recommend thinking things through a bit further.     Here are a few suggestions. First of all, why are you considering hiring a consultant? Did someone else suggest this to you? That’s fine, […]

Recession Proof Your Business

The US economy goes through ups and downs. Every five to seven years we have a recession, which typically lasts for a year or two, then we have a recovery, which is usually much longer. It isn’t a matter of “if we have a recession”; it’s a matter of when. So doesn’t it makes sense […]

Interview with David Johnson

David Johnson is founder and managing partner of Abraxas Group, a boutique advisory firm providing interim leadership to companies in transition. David has served as an interim executive or financial advisor to dozens of companies in transition and is a public speaker on the topics of change management, turnaround, restructuring, and value creation. You have […]

Sell Your Business For More

At some point, every business owner has to leave the business. While closing down is always an option, it is almost never the best one. Also, what’s the point of simply shutting down when a nest egg or funding for the next opportunity is available? The most common exit option is a business sale. However, […]

Six Areas to Determine the Health of Your Business

As the owner or president of your company, you need to know how your business is doing. Is it growing? Has it plateaued? Is it sliding backward? Six Key Areas The problem is deciding which metrics to track. Management consulting firms and business consultants have trouble agreeing on what those areas are. A recent Google […]

Interview with Helena Swyter at SweeterCPA

We met Helena Swyter from SweeterCPA through a mutual business connection after attending a networking event. Most small business owners are too busy to handle  taxes, bookkeeping, and anything else having to do with the IRS. Often they start out doing the work themselves, but soon find themselves overwhelmed and finally hire a bookkeeper and […]

The Driving Force of the US Economy

Most of the time in the business world, the focus is on large corporations – quarterly earnings or losses, their newest product, the latest corporate scandal, or their latest complaint about taxes. We rarely hear anything about small businesses, often defined as businesses with less than 500 employees. Yet, if you look more deeply, you […]

What Goes Into a Restaurant Feasibility Study

While restaurants may not have the highest failure rate of any industry, they are certainly up there. Depending on timing — before, during or after a major economic downturn — and a number of other variables, experts peg restaurant failure rates at somewhere between 17% and 90% within the first year. Inexperienced owners with limited […]

Business Assessments – A Critical Component in Your Company’s Success

When your company began operations, you or the founders had a vision. You pictured what your company could become, and the impact it could have. Hopefully, you then developed a business plan mapping out how the company would accomplish this. If you were not the owner or one of the founders, you likely adopted the original vision and […]