Technology Industry Consulting

Technology companies can often scale much faster than other businesses.

But rapid growth can be a double-edged sword. While venture capitalists and angel investors are often willing to throw money at a new and exciting technology, many technology entrepreneurs have been spoiled by huge infusions of capital. They spend like crazy to capture market share and get as much buzz as possible, hoping for a quick sale or even an IPO. The result is often disappointing. The few tech companies that succeed get all the press, but the vast majority of companies that lose the grow-quick-or-die lottery often fade away into the sunset with barely a whimper.

At Ground Floor Partners we take a different approach.

Our focus is steady, sustainable growth achieved through hard work, great ideas, superior execution, and ethical marketing.

Here are just a few examples of the types of growth problems we can help your tech company solve:

  • We are spending more and more on marketing and sales, and getting lower and lower returns. How can we reverse this negative trend?
  • How can we increase our profit margins when our underlying industry is rapidly becoming commoditized? More and more competitors seem to appear each day.
  • We excel at the technical side, but seem to be having trouble with customer service. Our customer service ratings are dropping. What can we do to improve our customer service across the board?
  • We are generating plenty of revenue, but our profits are just not where we want them to be. What options do we have to increase profit margins, and how do we decide which ones to pursue so we don’t backslide?

If your technology firm is struggling with growth, give us a call. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t make false promises about doubling revenue within a few months, or turning things around in weeks.

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