Add To Your Bottom Line

All too frequently we hear horror stories about companies that Provide horrible customer service, Don’t take care of their employees, or Hurt the environment. Pure and simple, the reason is greed – the all-consuming drive to increase executive compensation and “shareholder value”. For example, From 2000 to 2007, investment firms and mortgage lenders decided to […]

Fighting Bias to Make Better Decisions

Overcome bias to make better decisions. Most people act rationally, at least when it comes to business decisions. That is certainly what I was taught in business school. The theory is that most people will act in their own self-interest, and make careful decisions based on all of the available facts. If they hear about […]

How to Hire Talent

Every growing business needs smart people. They often have innovative ideas. And smart people attract other smart people, so hiring the best and the brightest tends to form a virtuous circle. And while hiring smart people is not the only factor in a company’s success, it definitely is important. The general trend over the past […]

On a Mission?

Most books on strategy and developing business plans will tell you that your mission statement is key to your company’s future. Yet most mission statements are so lofty and vague that they are frequently interchangeable and often completely useless. Here we discuss the basics of mission statements, give some examples of good ones and bad […]

Making Better Business Decisions

How to make better business decisions. Every business owner has to make tough decisions with uncertain outcomes. That is the nature of the job, and it is as true today as it was thirty years ago. But there are two big differences between decision making then and decision making today. Decisions happen faster and on […]

Is Chipotle Sustainable?

Chipotle is well known for their emphasis on healthy food, ethical treatment of workers, and the quality and consistency of their supply chain. However, the outbreaks of E. coli, and more recently, norovirus, at Chipotle restaurants has damaged the company’s previous stellar reputation in the fast food world. Analysts expect an 8% to 10% drop […]

Breaking Up Isn’t Hard To Do

Sometimes, one partner just wants out. Here’s why it’s smart to have a partnership agreement sooner than later. Starting a business is probably easier today than it has ever been before. Entrepreneurs have access to a broad array of free or inexpensive tools, templates and advice from websites, incubators, unemployed or retired corporate executives, students […]

Ever Hear of The Small Business Economy?

If you watch television, read the newspaper, or scan the Internet, you might think the Fortune 1000 is the backbone of our economy. But you would be wrong. The truth is that small businesses, generally defined as companies with 500 or fewer employees, employ half of the US workforce, or 120 million people. There are […]

What’s Your Brand?

Your brand is your value proposition; it is what you are to your customers, the marketplace and your organization. When we think of Nike, one of the world’s top brands, most of us think “Just Do It”. Here are a few thoughts on defining and strengthening your company’s brand. Gaining client or consumer perspective: Begin by […]